Saturday, May 24, 2014

Topic of Religion

Today I would like to bring up the topic of religion. Please don't confuse the topic of religion with ethics. Religion doesn't always mean a specific type of persons. It has to do with a group of people who all believe the same way. I learned a lot from taking an upper level religion class at the State College I attend. I found out about how there are many stereotypes about the different religions. My perception has changed and I am very happy about it!

I learned that all religions are aware of the higher being and creator (God, The One, The highest Being) after going to visit various Churches, Temples, and Mosques. Later on I found out this is the same with Pagan, Wicca, Celtic religions, and the others too. I am sure reading this makes many questions arise for you. The various religions worship the creator and acknowledge deities and gurus which are learned through each specific practice. This is with the exception of Buddhism who do not worship a creator in thinking that questions on origin are not useful to end suffering. In that particular religion (God, The Superior Being, The One) is solely within each of us and we are all one.

Gods, Goddesses, Shiva, Mahadevi, Vishnu, Buddha, Nanak, Chung K'ui Talisman, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad "peace be upon him" are only a few of the gurus and deities of the different beliefs. Some religions will even split the Superior being into several Gods in giving respect to the different aspects of the creator be it male, female, sun, moon, earth, and so on.

Guru: means teacher
Deity: means super natural being

We are taught that religions other than the one we are brought up to know "worship false Gods" or "worship Satan" which is man's way of trying to keep the people within each religious belief system. The truth is we are all one. We are linked with love.

Can you remember back when you were a child? Before you were ever taught anything about religion? Do you know what you believed then? The answers are within us.

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