Sunday, May 25, 2014


Everyone gets judged. It can be by peers, family, community or many others. It starts out as a child when being told what is and is not accepted of oneself. Judgement is how people try to shape one another into an image that is acceptable to them. Sometimes a manipulation. It is true that guidance is needed. Judgement and guidance are very separate words yet often are used interchangeably in circumstances.

Is it alright to judge? This is after the realization that judgement is not the same as guidance. How does anyone know how other people need to live their lives? Are the judgmental people sure that if they make the changes as mentioned there is nothing but positive ahead. Will the person being judged live a wholesome and fulfilling life if they live it as told? So many questions of curiosity.

Such a smart man. Everyone recognizes him? He writes, "Judgement comes easy with ignorance." Well, there is another big word. What is he saying? What is ignorance? Does that mean stupid? No. Ignorance means uninformed; unaware. It means they just didn't know.

It is easy to judge what is not understood. What to do with these people? These judges? Just like any other ignorant person, accept them. It could take some internal humor to get through it.

Blessings xx

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