Saturday, May 31, 2014

If the otherworld is real then why don't we all have experiences?

The truth is that you have had an experience before. You may not remember it, ignored it, or played it off as your imagination. Anything which was coincidence does count!

People are led to believe occurrences like this are common and that they don't indicate there is an afterlife. Negative thoughts occur when you speak of your experience. In fact, some believe it indicates the need for a straight jacket!

We are given negative darkness if we talk about things like this as if there is some significance. Immediately we try to think of good things to try to drive these feelings away. Such as, "all kids have an active imagination. I was a normal kid." People tend to ignore these things as adult because by then they are conditioned to not speak of it anymore.

Can you tell me why a reader was able to pick up on my imaginary friend from when I was a child? They even got her name right. Could it be because my imaginary friend was real? I sure do wonder about her story and why she chose me.

Now it's time to forgive. We must forgive society, our peers, and our family in some cases. Let it all go. Start fresh and new. Stop letting everyone else decide what is real and imaginary.

If everyone would go back to the way their mind was as a child. Before thinking was shaped we saw things, knew things, and had a basic beginning of a relationship with the universe. Today we can meditate and try to bring it all back. Open yourself up.

Don't look to hard! You have to just casually notice things. Once you open your mind up to notice them you will see there are so many messages for you!

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