Monday, May 26, 2014

Grief Memorials For Those of us Missing Loved Ones

Blessings to those who experience grief during their journey.

This post is dedicated to the loved ones who have gone home.

If your loved one was:

1. Respected
2. Loved
3. Caring
4. Left Too Soon

No matter what your beliefs are. No matter where you are from. Come one come all. Make a shout out to your loved one today. Leave a comment below.  You can be as detailed or vague as you like (Example: Mum, Sis, Bub, Daddy). Add as many names as you may choose. You can even post anonymously. Blessings to you. xx <3

Please share!


Below are some meditation videos on the topic of grieving.

1. This first one I found really touched me. It is a guided meditation focusing on divine order.
2. This next one is a bit louder and you may want to adjust the volume of your speakers after the last one. Not much louder though. It is a general guided meditation.
3. This last one I put together during my own journey with grief. Unguided with music and photos.

More Blessings. xx

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  1. I will start this off. I miss my Daddy very much. He continues to guide me from where he is. I am blessed to have been touched by this unique, caring, and gentle soul.


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