Sunday, May 25, 2014

Relationships and Partners

There is too much to say on this particular topic but I will go over a small segment of information that pertains. Many people would like guidance when it comes to partners and relationships. I will illustrate a point with a story....

Jane spends all day cleaning up after the kids, doing laundry, dishes, and mopping the floors. She is exhausted! The only thing that has kept her going all day is knowing that at the end of the day she has Mike to look forward to.....

Mike carries yet another railroad tie over to the dirt pile marking the beginnings of the railroad tracks. On his way over his boss calls to him about some nails and as he turns to hear better he smacks his coworker who just walked up behind him. The guy was out cold. He had no idea he was there.....

Jane has all three kids bathed and dinner done to the point of setting the table. It was a hectic day but she got it all together. She knew Mike would be proud of her efforts :)

Mike comes in from work as usual. He was dirty from head to toes. He didn't smile or wave. He went straight to the shower. When he got out he sat down at the table to his plate of fresh food. Jane asks, "How was your day?" Mike tells her about the coworker who was hurt today. She immediately feels empathy for them.

He finishes dinner and heads off into the living room to finally have a seat. The kids mount him in play like every other day. Jane cleans off the table. He gives them some love and tells them to go play. While sitting on the couch they begin to talk with each other. Jane notices he isn't speaking much. He seems distant. Because of his reaction she asks, "Are we ok? Our relationship? Are you happy with me?" He says, "Of course." It sounds like a low tone and not much feeling to it. Jane begins to wonder....

She thinks to herself, "He didn't seem to like that question. I tried so hard today to keep up with everything! I want to be the wife he needs me to be. What if this job is too hard? What if this life is too much for him? He works so hard at his job and makes a decent pay. He is such a good man. What if Im just not good enough for him? Is there somebody out there who would treat him better? Could I be better? How can I make him smile and feel happy at the end of the days? I know it's me. If only I was different. If I was better. He could do so much better than me. It doesn't even seem like he likes me anymore."

Mike thinks, "I still can't believe I knocked him out cold. What a bad day."

The End

Can you see your communication with your partner from the outside looking in? Does it look any different that way? Just keep your positive attitude and perspective. It is contagious!

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