Monday, May 26, 2014

People Might Think I'm Crazy

The topic of my blog today is "People Might Think I'm Crazy" and was inspired by a very thought provoking forum post (we will say from somewhere online unless I get permission to say of where) entitled, "I would like to get some feeling from the group on how can we persuade the public to call a Paranormal Group with problems they are having without there family or friends calling them nuts,crazy,etc."

 Many  Light Workers learn that during their path they are able to strengthen the thoughts of people one at a a time as they realize part of the brain is never used and begin to imagine what this part of the brain can actually do. The world has come a long way after all. People only believe what they can see. Humans have decided that they have a brain in their head which holds thought, memory, and motor skills and this was long before CT scans, fMRI, EEG, PET, MEG, and NIRS were invented. How did they know thought, memory and motor skills is controlled from this particular area of the body and not somewhere else within? This article is not intended to argue about the facts but instead to provoke thought. Human thought continues to evolve.

The topics of Bigfoot, UFO, and otherworldly entities are often combined together and tagged with words like "myth" and "entertainment." It seems that people slowly but surely open up to the idea that anything is possible. With help from television shows such as "Unsolved Mysteries," which was aired between 1987 and 2002 then again 2008 to 2010 in America, people began to realize once again the endless possibilities of this planet and the paranormal.

People are capable of very complicated thought process and sitings that are reported have been numerous. This combination is very influential. There are those who fear chaos and call the reporting nonsense and that if anyone believes it, they should be considered "crazy." That was the norm of society at one time. Again, the people of the world continue to evolve. Now, people are beginning to argue less and less about the unknown and focus more about learning from it. There is said to be a special camera invented for spirit photography. There will always be those who take the subject less seriously as they continue to try to entertain others. What is not used for entertainment? Can anything be named?

There is a contest to prove you are psychic issued by skeptics rewarding one million dollars. The bar is set very high for this reward. They must not make a mistake. Although I'm sure certain people would love to challenge and claim the reward but those with this chosen life path aren't concerned with proving anyone wrong or to prove that psychics as a whole is a factual phenomenon. Instead the concerns are similar to doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, environmentalists, and geologists, to name a few, while some are interested in the health and wellness of each individual soul and others are focused on the world as a whole. Most believe that vast change happens when focusing on one person or thing at a time.

There are bad apples in every bunch so to speak as with any profession. It is wise to always be careful when interacting with people. Saying things like psychics prey on the fears and regrets of the vulnerable who lost a loved one is no different to a psychic medium than saying doctors prey on the ill, lawyers prey on financial insecurities, and counselors prey on social abnormalities. The real difference is that this type of "Alternative" profession is not accepted and because of this fact people think "those people" should therefore, not be paid. Often psychics pick up professions as doctors, lawyers, nurses, councilors, environmentalists, and so many others.

The truth is there will be mistakes. It happens. Psychics can only give what they are given and sometimes they get nothing at all. There is always a risk of mistake the same as other professions. Some will even offer refunds when this happens. How is giving a little vague information during cold reading any different than the form you fill out with a doctor, lawyer, or other profession? Validation is still very possible. Knowing all is a somewhat unrealistic expectation. A few questions should be expected.

The subject of the paranormal will always surface fears. Fears cause chaos. The world as a whole will never know every paranormal episode that has happened. There will always be secrets. Many people think it is better to stay that way for the greater good. Experiences have happened over thousands of years. Do you think it stopped suddenly?

Please feel free to comment below about your personal paranormal experience. The ones in which no explanation has been thought of yet that resonates with you.

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