Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meditation 101 Connecting with Spirit.

Connect With Spirit

Your spirit (or: higher self, larger self, Angelic self) has important messages and energies for you to receive every day! Therefore its important to be "still" at least 5-15 minutes every day and make a session solely dedicated to connect to your spirit. This way you can fully "download" the messages and energies spirit has for you at that moment. You do not need to see or hear the messages. Do not worry about not receiving the messages. You will integrate them and then they will show up as thoughts and inspiration during the day.

Connecting with spirit is important. It has vital information for you everyday! When you are not "still" for a longer period, spirit will have a hard time to deliver its messages. It simply takes a lot more time for you, to get that important information you need, to move on.

How to do it:

1. Find a quiet spot where you wont be disturbed.

2. Close your eyes and mentally see the word "spirit".... or imagine that you see it and just relax. Do this for 5-15 minutes. If other thoughts are "drifting in" just gently focus back on the word "spirit".

3. Done.

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