Saturday, May 31, 2014

If the otherworld is real then why don't we all have experiences?

The truth is that you have had an experience before. You may not remember it, ignored it, or played it off as your imagination. Anything which was coincidence does count!

People are led to believe occurrences like this are common and that they don't indicate there is an afterlife. Negative thoughts occur when you speak of your experience. In fact, some believe it indicates the need for a straight jacket!

We are given negative darkness if we talk about things like this as if there is some significance. Immediately we try to think of good things to try to drive these feelings away. Such as, "all kids have an active imagination. I was a normal kid." People tend to ignore these things as adult because by then they are conditioned to not speak of it anymore.

Can you tell me why a reader was able to pick up on my imaginary friend from when I was a child? They even got her name right. Could it be because my imaginary friend was real? I sure do wonder about her story and why she chose me.

Now it's time to forgive. We must forgive society, our peers, and our family in some cases. Let it all go. Start fresh and new. Stop letting everyone else decide what is real and imaginary.

If everyone would go back to the way their mind was as a child. Before thinking was shaped we saw things, knew things, and had a basic beginning of a relationship with the universe. Today we can meditate and try to bring it all back. Open yourself up.

Don't look to hard! You have to just casually notice things. Once you open your mind up to notice them you will see there are so many messages for you!


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Monday, May 26, 2014

Grief Memorials For Those of us Missing Loved Ones

Blessings to those who experience grief during their journey.

This post is dedicated to the loved ones who have gone home.

If your loved one was:

1. Respected
2. Loved
3. Caring
4. Left Too Soon

No matter what your beliefs are. No matter where you are from. Come one come all. Make a shout out to your loved one today. Leave a comment below.  You can be as detailed or vague as you like (Example: Mum, Sis, Bub, Daddy). Add as many names as you may choose. You can even post anonymously. Blessings to you. xx <3

Please share!


Below are some meditation videos on the topic of grieving.

1. This first one I found really touched me. It is a guided meditation focusing on divine order.
2. This next one is a bit louder and you may want to adjust the volume of your speakers after the last one. Not much louder though. It is a general guided meditation.
3. This last one I put together during my own journey with grief. Unguided with music and photos.

More Blessings. xx

People Might Think I'm Crazy

The topic of my blog today is "People Might Think I'm Crazy" and was inspired by a very thought provoking forum post (we will say from somewhere online unless I get permission to say of where) entitled, "I would like to get some feeling from the group on how can we persuade the public to call a Paranormal Group with problems they are having without there family or friends calling them nuts,crazy,etc."

 Many  Light Workers learn that during their path they are able to strengthen the thoughts of people one at a a time as they realize part of the brain is never used and begin to imagine what this part of the brain can actually do. The world has come a long way after all. People only believe what they can see. Humans have decided that they have a brain in their head which holds thought, memory, and motor skills and this was long before CT scans, fMRI, EEG, PET, MEG, and NIRS were invented. How did they know thought, memory and motor skills is controlled from this particular area of the body and not somewhere else within? This article is not intended to argue about the facts but instead to provoke thought. Human thought continues to evolve.

The topics of Bigfoot, UFO, and otherworldly entities are often combined together and tagged with words like "myth" and "entertainment." It seems that people slowly but surely open up to the idea that anything is possible. With help from television shows such as "Unsolved Mysteries," which was aired between 1987 and 2002 then again 2008 to 2010 in America, people began to realize once again the endless possibilities of this planet and the paranormal.

People are capable of very complicated thought process and sitings that are reported have been numerous. This combination is very influential. There are those who fear chaos and call the reporting nonsense and that if anyone believes it, they should be considered "crazy." That was the norm of society at one time. Again, the people of the world continue to evolve. Now, people are beginning to argue less and less about the unknown and focus more about learning from it. There is said to be a special camera invented for spirit photography. There will always be those who take the subject less seriously as they continue to try to entertain others. What is not used for entertainment? Can anything be named?

There is a contest to prove you are psychic issued by skeptics rewarding one million dollars. The bar is set very high for this reward. They must not make a mistake. Although I'm sure certain people would love to challenge and claim the reward but those with this chosen life path aren't concerned with proving anyone wrong or to prove that psychics as a whole is a factual phenomenon. Instead the concerns are similar to doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, environmentalists, and geologists, to name a few, while some are interested in the health and wellness of each individual soul and others are focused on the world as a whole. Most believe that vast change happens when focusing on one person or thing at a time.

There are bad apples in every bunch so to speak as with any profession. It is wise to always be careful when interacting with people. Saying things like psychics prey on the fears and regrets of the vulnerable who lost a loved one is no different to a psychic medium than saying doctors prey on the ill, lawyers prey on financial insecurities, and counselors prey on social abnormalities. The real difference is that this type of "Alternative" profession is not accepted and because of this fact people think "those people" should therefore, not be paid. Often psychics pick up professions as doctors, lawyers, nurses, councilors, environmentalists, and so many others.

The truth is there will be mistakes. It happens. Psychics can only give what they are given and sometimes they get nothing at all. There is always a risk of mistake the same as other professions. Some will even offer refunds when this happens. How is giving a little vague information during cold reading any different than the form you fill out with a doctor, lawyer, or other profession? Validation is still very possible. Knowing all is a somewhat unrealistic expectation. A few questions should be expected.

The subject of the paranormal will always surface fears. Fears cause chaos. The world as a whole will never know every paranormal episode that has happened. There will always be secrets. Many people think it is better to stay that way for the greater good. Experiences have happened over thousands of years. Do you think it stopped suddenly?

Please feel free to comment below about your personal paranormal experience. The ones in which no explanation has been thought of yet that resonates with you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tarot Special for May 25th, 2014

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Everyone gets judged. It can be by peers, family, community or many others. It starts out as a child when being told what is and is not accepted of oneself. Judgement is how people try to shape one another into an image that is acceptable to them. Sometimes a manipulation. It is true that guidance is needed. Judgement and guidance are very separate words yet often are used interchangeably in circumstances.

Is it alright to judge? This is after the realization that judgement is not the same as guidance. How does anyone know how other people need to live their lives? Are the judgmental people sure that if they make the changes as mentioned there is nothing but positive ahead. Will the person being judged live a wholesome and fulfilling life if they live it as told? So many questions of curiosity.

Such a smart man. Everyone recognizes him? He writes, "Judgement comes easy with ignorance." Well, there is another big word. What is he saying? What is ignorance? Does that mean stupid? No. Ignorance means uninformed; unaware. It means they just didn't know.

It is easy to judge what is not understood. What to do with these people? These judges? Just like any other ignorant person, accept them. It could take some internal humor to get through it.

Blessings xx

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Relationships and Partners

There is too much to say on this particular topic but I will go over a small segment of information that pertains. Many people would like guidance when it comes to partners and relationships. I will illustrate a point with a story....

Jane spends all day cleaning up after the kids, doing laundry, dishes, and mopping the floors. She is exhausted! The only thing that has kept her going all day is knowing that at the end of the day she has Mike to look forward to.....

Mike carries yet another railroad tie over to the dirt pile marking the beginnings of the railroad tracks. On his way over his boss calls to him about some nails and as he turns to hear better he smacks his coworker who just walked up behind him. The guy was out cold. He had no idea he was there.....

Jane has all three kids bathed and dinner done to the point of setting the table. It was a hectic day but she got it all together. She knew Mike would be proud of her efforts :)

Mike comes in from work as usual. He was dirty from head to toes. He didn't smile or wave. He went straight to the shower. When he got out he sat down at the table to his plate of fresh food. Jane asks, "How was your day?" Mike tells her about the coworker who was hurt today. She immediately feels empathy for them.

He finishes dinner and heads off into the living room to finally have a seat. The kids mount him in play like every other day. Jane cleans off the table. He gives them some love and tells them to go play. While sitting on the couch they begin to talk with each other. Jane notices he isn't speaking much. He seems distant. Because of his reaction she asks, "Are we ok? Our relationship? Are you happy with me?" He says, "Of course." It sounds like a low tone and not much feeling to it. Jane begins to wonder....

She thinks to herself, "He didn't seem to like that question. I tried so hard today to keep up with everything! I want to be the wife he needs me to be. What if this job is too hard? What if this life is too much for him? He works so hard at his job and makes a decent pay. He is such a good man. What if Im just not good enough for him? Is there somebody out there who would treat him better? Could I be better? How can I make him smile and feel happy at the end of the days? I know it's me. If only I was different. If I was better. He could do so much better than me. It doesn't even seem like he likes me anymore."

Mike thinks, "I still can't believe I knocked him out cold. What a bad day."

The End

Can you see your communication with your partner from the outside looking in? Does it look any different that way? Just keep your positive attitude and perspective. It is contagious!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Topic of Religion

Today I would like to bring up the topic of religion. Please don't confuse the topic of religion with ethics. Religion doesn't always mean a specific type of persons. It has to do with a group of people who all believe the same way. I learned a lot from taking an upper level religion class at the State College I attend. I found out about how there are many stereotypes about the different religions. My perception has changed and I am very happy about it!

I learned that all religions are aware of the higher being and creator (God, The One, The highest Being) after going to visit various Churches, Temples, and Mosques. Later on I found out this is the same with Pagan, Wicca, Celtic religions, and the others too. I am sure reading this makes many questions arise for you. The various religions worship the creator and acknowledge deities and gurus which are learned through each specific practice. This is with the exception of Buddhism who do not worship a creator in thinking that questions on origin are not useful to end suffering. In that particular religion (God, The Superior Being, The One) is solely within each of us and we are all one.

Gods, Goddesses, Shiva, Mahadevi, Vishnu, Buddha, Nanak, Chung K'ui Talisman, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad "peace be upon him" are only a few of the gurus and deities of the different beliefs. Some religions will even split the Superior being into several Gods in giving respect to the different aspects of the creator be it male, female, sun, moon, earth, and so on.

Guru: means teacher
Deity: means super natural being

We are taught that religions other than the one we are brought up to know "worship false Gods" or "worship Satan" which is man's way of trying to keep the people within each religious belief system. The truth is we are all one. We are linked with love.

Can you remember back when you were a child? Before you were ever taught anything about religion? Do you know what you believed then? The answers are within us.


The law of attraction is very important in everyday life. It is necessary to use meditation, tapping, or other forms of creating the "right" perception to have the optimal feedback from the universe. Most people think it is silly to use such aspirations but those who actually live by it tell a completely different story. To be able to wake everyday and say things like, "Even though I got up late today, I completely love myself." It is definitely worth looking into. It can be your private messages to yourself. Nobody else has to know. It is a huge difference in what you get back from the world just to push out the negative thoughts and focus on the good. Dealing with things one thing at a time and knowing that you truly love yourself. Believe that you are worthy of all things good.

Meditation 101 Connecting with Spirit.

Connect With Spirit

Your spirit (or: higher self, larger self, Angelic self) has important messages and energies for you to receive every day! Therefore its important to be "still" at least 5-15 minutes every day and make a session solely dedicated to connect to your spirit. This way you can fully "download" the messages and energies spirit has for you at that moment. You do not need to see or hear the messages. Do not worry about not receiving the messages. You will integrate them and then they will show up as thoughts and inspiration during the day.

Connecting with spirit is important. It has vital information for you everyday! When you are not "still" for a longer period, spirit will have a hard time to deliver its messages. It simply takes a lot more time for you, to get that important information you need, to move on.

How to do it:

1. Find a quiet spot where you wont be disturbed.

2. Close your eyes and mentally see the word "spirit".... or imagine that you see it and just relax. Do this for 5-15 minutes. If other thoughts are "drifting in" just gently focus back on the word "spirit".

3. Done.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Psychic Connection and Spiritual Therapy
I have grouped up screened spiritual psychics, tarot readers, healers, and therapists conveniently into one place. It is a group for these people to list their services. Every professional will have different ways of helping you with your everyday life and future. You will find somebody that you are most comfortable working with and ask for their services most often.

Tarot Group

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Picture Reading Group

This group is for Beginning Lightworkers to practice and those who are willing to have their photo practiced on. This is a place for everyone!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tarot Parties

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